What we offer

  • Half day and full day options are offered for ages 2 - 5 years old. We are open throughout the year with a 3 week break for the December holidays.
  • Hours are from 06h15 to 17h30. Programme begins at 08h05.
  • 5 classes, each under the dedicated supervision of a qualified teacher and teacher assistant. We have 5 classes - Ducks, Seals, Seahorses,
    Swans and Dolphins
  • Each age group has its own daily educational programme that meets the needs of the child's unique and appropriate developmental stage.
  • Music and Movement (done weekly) forms an integral part of our school programme and takes place in our Gross Motor and Music area.
  • Ample time is spent in the playground encouraging sharing and socialising, while developing gross motor skills.
Breakfast is provided until 07h45 for those wishing to have breakfast at school. Parents are required to send a mid-morning snack. We provide a balanced cooked lunch to full day children at 12h30 and a mid-afternoon snack is also provided.

Lunch is not included in the Half-day rate, but parents may opt for their children to have lunch at an additional monthly cost.
We have a Security guard outside our school all day. We have electric fencing all around and a locked entrance. Access is controlled from the Office where we have CCTV.

We are linked to ADT for armed response and they patrol our area regularly. Prospective parents are asked to advise us when they are coming to visit the school for security reasons.
Other activities on the premises, but at an extra cost to the parents include:

  • Pottery - Therapeutic way of working with clay and wider range of art forms
  • Dancing - Ballet, Modern and Hip Hop
  • Computers - Teaching the basics and more - in a fun way
  • Rugby Kids - Rugby based physical and motor skill development
  • Swimming - Offered privately by Swimrite, who collect children from the school
  • Cricket - a programme concentrating on cricket based physical, mental and motor skills development
  • Little Lab coats - an extra-curricular program that teaches children the basic principles of science
Grandparents Day
We have a Grandparents Day at the end of the first term, which is one of the highlights of our school calendar. This is a lovely morning for grandparents, which takes place at the Voortrekker hall nearby and the children give the guests a wonderful "concert", followed by refreshments, prizes and more. Glamorous Granny and Gorgeous Grandpa also receive certificates and gifts.

Educational Shows
These are held once a term at no cost to the parents. Funds raised during the year pay for these shows. These are thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Fund Raising
We have a Big Walk in September every year which is great fun and during the year we usually have one other fundraiser. A large part of our funds raised comes from our parents' wonderful support of the MySchool card.
Interview Evenings
Parents are invited to speak to the teachers at the end of the first term regarding their child's progress.

These are very comprehensive and detailed and are handed out in June and November after careful assessments and observations are made by the teachers.

Open Door policy
We believe in constant communication between parents and teachers and parents are always free to have a chat to the Teacher or Principal if they wish to do so.