General Notice 2014-04-09
09th April 2014
The second term is underway and we welcome all our families back as well as the new families who have joined us now.
Notice 2014-03-24
24th March 2014
This year is flying by and Friday marks the end of the first term. A very busy one too.
Feed a child
20th February 2014
Feed A child is an NGO based right here in Wierda Park and they are doing wonderful work in our Community. They have been in operation for four years and last year opened a Charity Shop at 277 Chris Hougaard St. in Wierda Park.
General Notice 2014-02-12
12th February 2014
Just a couple of notices and reminders. Valentine’s Day THIS FRIDAY. If possible, please let your child wear something red (or pink for the girls) and as a special treat, the children may bring sweets etc. in their lunchboxes. Thanks.

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