General Notice 2014-08-25
25th August 2014
The third term is well under way and we are looking forward to the warmer weather.
Welcome to the third term!
23rd July 2014
Welcome back to the third term, our quietest term of the year. We trust that those who were fortunate enough to have a break, enjoyed it and feel rested.
General Notice 2014-05-23
23rd May 2014
Next Friday 30th is Tekkie Tax day. We are, once again, supporting Little Leaps and Autism with our contributions.
General Notice 2014-05-14
14th May 2014
All the children are receiving hard copies of this notice today, as our school computer has decided to call it quits after many years of long service! We are looking into the situation! We are accessing emails on an iPad in the meantime.

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