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General notice 2017-01-19
Dear Parents
The term is well underway now and we just have a couple of things to bring to your attention.
  • Most of our new children have settled in really well. A note to parents, don’t prolong the goodbyes – just leave your little one with the teacher and go. If they are upset, it’s literally for a couple of minutes. Really!!!
  • Assembly will be on Wednesday mornings (not on a Thursday as per original notice) at 08h10, starting from February. It is very important that the children are here on time for assembly, and we ask for your co-operation in this regard. Thanks.
  • The little girls must please wear shorts under their dresses (for upside down antics on the jungle gym!!) J
  • Please send a photo of your child to school for the teacher to display in the classroom.
  • Please send a healthy snack along for your child for mid-morning. You are welcome to send a packet of chips, but please put in a sandwich or yoghurt or fruit as well, so that he/she can eat that first.
  • This Saturday is the ‘Meet and Greet’ for the Ducks, Seals and Seahorses. We hope to see as many families as possible.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, suggestions etc.
Kind Regards
Rose Dovey
School Admin and Accounts