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It takes a special type of educator to work with children that make up the early childhood age range.

Teachers must address learning competencies that support the attainment of basic cognitive, behavioral, social and physical developmental milestones. Patience, creativity, a love for the field and a professional qualification in child development are all important qualities of an early childhood educator and we are blessed to have those teachers all here at Little Village Christian Nursery School.

Our teachers are first aid trained and participate in educational enrichment workshops and conferences throughout the year.

Jade Pelger

Jade Pelger

Duck class teacher: 1 - 2 year olds

I thrive in a positive work environment and always make sure their is something to laugh about in my class. We always try to HAVE FUN!

God inspires me and I value His teachings and believe I can demonstrate and teach his kindness in the classroom. There is something incredible about the bond that grows between a teacher and a child.

My favourite animal: Giraffe

If I won the lottery:   I would open up a pre-school, for children with financial needs.

My favourite decade: The 90's, my childhood memories are all from this time.

My favourite quote:   "Be still and know that I am God!"

Linda Huyerman

Linda Huyerman

Swan class teacher: 4 - 5 year olds

I thoroughly enjoy coming up with new ideas to keep the children curious at all times as their little minds are so inquiring and so willing to learn.

I encourage my children to always try and never to say "I CAN'T". I want my children to keep trying until they CAN! I love making them laugh and try to always stay calm.  

My favourite animal: Dolphin

If I won the lottery:  Tour the world and end up on an island holiday.

My favourite decade: The 70's. It was so chilled without all the technology we have these days.

My favourite quote:  " Everything happens for a reason."


Patricia Maja

Patricia Maja

Duck class assistant: 2 - 3 year old's

I love watching children develop and grow and i just want to make things better for them.

I want to teach them thathard work will pay off later in life and I hope they will always remember me for my kindness.

My favourite animal:  Cat

If I won the lottery:   I would open up and run my own school.

My favourite decade: I would stay in the present time, I enjoy just being ME!

My favourite quote:   There is no room for failure, there is always hope!

Daisy Ledwaba

Daisy Ledwaba

Seahorse class assistant: 3 - 4 year olds

I always try be happy to keep the day positive for the children. I enjoy having fun and always try be kind to each little child. 

I want to try and teach each child to always be themselves and not rely on their friends. 

I hope they will always remember me hugging and loving them.

 My favourite animal: I don't have one ;o)

If I won the lottery:   I would try help all the poor people and create jobs.

My favourite decade: The 80's, I was still a teenager still just enjoying life.

My favourite quote:   There are LOTS of quotes I like.

Annie Ndwalaza

Annie Ndwalaza

Housekeeping and Chef

Annie manages and facilitates all catering logistics at our school. She makes the most delicious meals for our children jam packed with TLC. She still manages daily to slip out of the kitchen to assist on the playground by sharing her hugs and warmth to all our little bundles.

Annie, our longest serving staff member, has been instrumental in helping our school grow and supports us all with her shining initiative and obedience, in all that she does.

Allison Rademeyer

Allison Rademeyer

Seal class teacher: 3 - 4 year olds

Happy children make my day a great one. Teaching is such an incredible learning experience and it's so motivating how our children just accept us completely and love us.

I want them to remember my unconditional love always. Their innocence is priceless.

My favourite animal: Dog

If I won the lottery:  I would dive into my arts and crafts.

My favourite decade: The 60's. Just love the clothes and love the music.

My favourite quote:   "Be kind & helpful".

Mienkie Botha

Mienkie Botha

Dolphin class teacher: 4 - 5 year olds.

A day is fulfilled when all my children are happy and enjoy the work I have prepared. I love seeing my children grow and just adore getting hugs, loves and endless chats. I always try to stay positive for my children.

I try to keep the school day exciting by changing things around but making sure that i'm always well prepared. I hope they will remember me for all the fun and laughs. I always encourage them to be kind, give a smile and be a good friend.

My favourite animal: Dolphin

If I won the lottery: I would open up my own coffee shop

My favourite decade: The 80's. This was my childhood era and filled with my loved ones.

My favourite quote:   "What goes around comes around"...- so always try & give of your best everyday!

Beatrice Mavundla

Beatrice Mavundla

Swan class assistant: 4 - 5 year olds

It is so rewarding when we see how our children achieve and complete difficult tasks each day, it makes me so happy.

I love hearing them call "Aunty B, Aunty B", it makes me feel so loved.

I always try and tell them that they are beautiful and clever.

My favourite animal: Cat

If I won the lottery:   Travel he whole world.

My favourite decade: The 70's, my school days, that was enjoyable!

My favourite quote:   Live for today, because you don't know what tomorrow will bring!

Walter Mulaudzi

Walter Mulaudzi

Security guard

Our dear Walter stands with determination and obedience during rain, storm or sun shine each and every day to protect and secure our precious children at our school.

Laurine Wagner

Laurine Wagner


Little Village Christian Nursery School was started by Laurine Wagner at 304 Badenhorst St. Wierda Park in 1987.

Laurine is passionate about children and their development, Christ lead and people centered, what an instrumental leader of an amazing school.

Denza Welgemoed

Denza Welgemoed

Seahorse class teacher: 3 - 4 year olds

It's so rewarding when one has reached the learning outcomes for the day and all my kiddies are happy and filled with fun. It's a privilege to be a "mommy" away from home to all these children and so special when a past pupil recognizes me.

I try my best to inspire these children to be the best they can be, believe in themselves, leave sprinkles and sparkles wherever you go and shine your light for Jesus.

My favourite animal: Cat

If I won the lottery:  Move to the coast and open a coffee/pastry shop.

My favourite decade: The 40's. The fashion and the music was fabulous.

My favourite quote:   "Do what makes your heart sing and never give up on your dreams".

Ann Currie

Ann Currie


It inspires me when my teachers are passionate and enthusiastic about their day. It's so rewarding by witnessing the daily acts or conversations of children and to know I can make a difference in their lives. 

I want to empower the children to make the most of everyday and grab every opportunity that comes their way!

My favourite animal: Rhino

If I won the lottery:  I would contuinue teaching but slip in a CHILL at an island for a week or 2.

My favourite decade: This decade - i love my life, my family & my job.

My favourite quote:   "Respect & treat others the way you would like to be treated"

Josie Mahlangu

Josie Mahlangu

Seal class assistant: 3 - 4 year olds.

I really enjoy the time that I spend with these special children. I want to encourage them to be successful in their lives.

I hope they always remember me as someone who was funny, patient and caring. I carry each child in my heart.

My favourite animal: Elephant

If I won the lottery:   I would build my own school and open businesses in my area.

My favourite decade: 1998 - it was a tough time at school but I learnt so much.

My favourite quote:  " Be funny!"

Julia Mogaule

Julia Mogaule

Dolphin class assistant: 4 -5 year olds

I enjoy watching the children develop and grow, especially in their art activities and movement. 

I always try to show love to them no matter what and try and teach them to communicate with each other and to put Christ first, above all else.

My favourite animal:  lion

If I won the lottery:   I would own my own business, like a school and give some money to charity.

My favourite decade:  Back in the "easy" days.

My favourite quote:   Jeremiah 29:11 -"For I know the plans I have for you, to prosper you and not to harm you, plans of a hope and a future."

Rose Dovey

Rose Dovey

Admin and Accounts

Our dear Rose has grown with our school family for over 24 years.

She is a rock to us all and keeps us on our feet and up to date with everything we need to know. She is such a dedicated, committed and loyal staff member who  gives of her best in the office and on the playground. Not only does she support our team but loves and cares for each child who steps foot into our school.

Immanuel Maluleke

Immanuel Maluleke


Shining Immanuel is friendly and cheerful in all he does. He is our super star whenever anything needs sorted at school and he always manages his tasks and the children with a huge, happy heart.

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