Every child is an artist, the problem is to remain an artist once we grow up.

At Little Village we know and believe that every child learns best, through creativity and imagination. We know that every one of our teachers will impact your child and leave a positive mark.We strive for excellence in all we do. Our daily programme is jam-packed with music, movement, creative activities, language enrichment, sensory integration, tactile development, life skills, baking, fantasy play and emotional development. The GOAL of early childhood education should be to activate the child's own natural desire to learn. 


Our facilities

At Little Village we pride ourselves on creating an environment where children can learn through monitored play. We provide that environment with our carefully thought out playgrounds equipped with safe and adequate equipment. We maintain a healthy balance between playtime and class time.

Spacious area with benches and table for meal times

Two large spacious playgrounds with enclosed sandpits, scooters, tricycles and climbing apparatus

Spacious classrooms with ample carpet space and seated area

Age appropriate sized wash basins and toilets

  • Operating hours

    Operating Days and Opening Hours:

    • Little Village Christian Nursery School operates on a four term structure.
    • We are open during official school holidays, with the exception of approximately three weeks from the 15th December each year.
    • We are closed on all public holidays and long weekends.
    • If the public holiday falls on a Thursday or Tuesday, the school will be closed the next day, Friday, or on the preceding day, Monday.


    Opening Hours

    Half Day, (lunch optional) - Monday to Friday:            06h15 – 14h00

    Full Day,  (lunch optional) - Monday to Friday:            06h15  – 17h30

  • Admission policy

    The children are divided into the following groups:

    • Duck class: 4 months – 1 years old
    • Seal class: 1 - 2 years old
    • Seahorse class : 2 - 3 years old
    • Swan class: 3- 4 years old
    • Dolphin class:  4 – 5 years old

    Little Village Christian Nursery School provides tuition in English.

    Little Village Christian Nursery School is sympathetic to emergency admissions, if space is available.

    Children may join the school at any time of year. Where possible we recommend that new children start at the beginning of a month or term.

    Little Village Christian Nursery School operates a waiting list if the relevant class is full and takes the following into account when a child from the list is admitted:

    ·  Date on which application was made for that particular class;

    ·  Siblings previously or already at our school

  • School fees
    • Operate on a fixed fee structure
    • Open during school holidays, during which time full fees are payable. No fees are payable for December when the school closes for the year-end break.
    • No deductions can be made if a child is absent as a result of illness, holidays or any other reason.
    • Fees are payable monthly, IN ADVANCE,  over 11 months, quarterly or annually, on or before due date.
    • Discount for fees paid annually.
    • There is a R50.00 discount on the fees per child if there are two children, in the school at the same time. This includes our Aftercare next to Springvale Primary.
    • There is an early payment discount of R50.00 for fees paid on or before the 1st of the month
    • School fees are increased once a year in January
    • Little Village Christian Nursery School reserves the right to ask parents to remove children if fees are not paid

    See FEE STRUCTURE for our updated fees.


  • ECD curriculum

    Reports and parent feedback happens as follows:

    • April (beginning of the second term) – parent interview evenings 
    • June (end of the second term) – detailed written report
    • November (end of the fourth term) – detailed written report.  
    • Our staff are always available to chat to parents if the need arises. We promote an open door policy at all times.

    Teaching self respect and care for belongings:  

    • All clothing must be suitable for the prevailing weather conditions.
    • The onus is on the parents to mark their children’s belongings as Little Village Christian Nursery School is not responsible for lost or missing items. It is almost impossible to know what belongs to who if articles are unmarked



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Class Rooms


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It takes a special type of educator to work with children that make up the early childhood age range. Teachers must address learning competencies that support the attainment of basic cognitive, behavioural, social and physical developmental milestones. Patience, creativity, a love for the field and a professional qualification in child development are all important qualities of an early childhood educator. We are blessed to have all those teachers here at Little Village Christian Nursery School.

Our teachers are first aid level 2 trained and participate in educational enrichment workshops and conferences throughout the year.

Ann Currie

Ann Currie


It inspires me when my teachers are passionate and enthusiastic about their day. It's so rewarding to witness the daily acts or conversations of children and to know I can make a difference in their lives. 

I want to empower the children to make the most of everyday and grab every opportunity that comes their way!

My favourite animal: Rhino

If I won the lottery:  I would contuinue teaching but slip in a CHILL at an island for a week or 2.

My favourite decade: This decade - i love my life, my family & my job.

My favourite quote:   "Respect & treat others the way you would like to be treated"

Linda Huyerman

Linda Huyerman

Swan class teacher - 3 - 4 year olds

I thoroughly enjoy coming up with new ideas to keep the children curious at all times as their little minds are so inquiring and so willing to learn.

I encourage my children to always try and never to say "I CAN'T". I want my children to keep trying until they CAN! I love making them laugh and try to always stay calm.  

My favourite animal: Dolphin

If I won the lottery:  Tour the world and end up on an island holiday.

My favourite decade: The 70's. It was so chilled without all the technology we have these days.

My favourite quote:   Everything happens for a reason.


Jade Pelger

Jade Pelger

Seal class teacher- 1 - 2 year olds

I thrive in a positive work environment and always make sure there is something to laugh about it my class. We always try HAVE FUN!

God inspires me and I value His teachings and believe I can demonstrate and teach his kindness in the classroom. There is something incredible about the bond that grows between a teacher and a child.

My favourite animal: Giraffe

If I won the lottery: I would help as many people in need as I possibly can.

My favourite decade: The 90's, my best memories!!

My favourite quote:   Be still and know that I am God!


Mienkie Botha

Mienkie Botha

Dolphin class teacher - 4 - 5 year olds

A day is fulfilled when all my children are happy and enjoy the work I have prepared. I love seeing my children grow and just adore getting hugs, loves and endless chats. I always try to stay positive for my children.

I try to keep the school day exciting by changing things around, but making sure i'm always well prepared. I hope they will remember me for all the fun and laughs. I encourage them to be kind, give a smile and be a good friend at all times.

My favourite animal: Dolphin

If I won the lottery: I would open up my own coffee shop

My favourite decade: The 80's. This was my childhood era and filled with my loved ones.

My favourite quote:   "What goes around comes around"...- so always try & give of your best everyday!

Denza Welgemoed

Denza Welgemoed

Seahorse class teacher- 2 - 3 year olds

It's so rewarding when one has reached the learning outcomes for the day and all my kiddies are happy and filled with fun. It's a privilege to be a "mommy" away from home to all these children and so special when a past pupil recognizes me. I try my best to inspire these children to be the best they can be, believe in themselves, and shine your light for Jesus.

My favourite animal: Cat

If I won the lottery:  Move to the coast and open a coffee/pastry shop.

My favourite decade: The 40's. The fashion and the music was fabulous.

My favourite quote:   "Do what makes your heart sing and never give up on your dreams"





Modern dancing


Little Lab Coats


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